Mission: "The essential is invisible to the eyes but it’s the little detail that makes the difference. This is what we want to do, so you can choose what reflects your style, your personality, your heart; searching for the detail that is able to amaze." 

Penelope 47 - multibrand clothing and footwear shop for Men and Women, shop of choices, where you have the opportunity to mix different styles.
It offers innovative brands without forgetting that each cloth holds inside history, culture, quality and refinement . It is situated in Via Porta Carratica 7, Pistoia (Pt) but it is also available to enter in your homes through the new online shop.

Address: Via Porta Carratica, 7, 51100 Pistoia (Italy)
Fiscal Code/VAT 01614010476

Telephone & E-mail: +39 0573 32831 - shop@penelope47.com

Store Hours and Customer Care
Monday and Sunday 4 pm - 8 pm
Tuesday - Friday 10 am - 1 pm / 4 pm - 8 pm